Friday, 6 February 2009

ISWYG Day starts to go viral in Australia

It's been a slow but determined start for International Sing Wherever You Go Day in Australia.

With a handful of members, the event rated a small mention in the nation's capital's daily broadsheet newspaper, The Canberra Times, on Thursday 5 February 2009:

Groan! There was a better version in my Picasa site but it looks like there's been some corruption there and a couple of my albums have been cross-polinating. Sigh!

Anyhoo, the Canberra Musicians Club are now planning an event on the actual day to coincide with our weekly performance night at the Hippo Bar in Canberra City. Check out the events listing for details. I'm not expecting everyone to jump on planes and head over here, but I'm sure you'll be with us in spirit, especially since some of you will only be starting your tuneful days as we're crooning our way towards a singalong-a-lot end.

Radio interviews coming in the next week or so and hopefully some more media attention around Australia.

'Lift up your voices!'


Bill Quinn
Supreme Commander, Southern Hemisphere
Canberra, Australia

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