Wednesday, 18 February 2009


An Overheard Productions initiative in conjunction with Red Cross (ACT), Canberra Musicians Club and many, many others

I’m doing some stuff with Red Cross (ACT) to help promote their Victorian Bushfire Appeal but also to raise awareness of the years of recovery and work that will be needed to move on from here.

To help the victims.

To help the helpers.

And to help the people who are helping the helpers.

In conjunction with International Sing Wherever You Go Day:
You may have seen the article in the paper in The Canberra Times on Sunday: or

That was a choir I assembled at very short notice and we sang a beautiful song ‘Time is a Tempest’ I had re-written (with the author’s/authors’ blessings).

We are taking that song and others to make next Thursday something huge in terms of singing and awareness and fun and remembering what’s still going on for the Victorians.

And Red Cross.

And other relief agencies.

Bands and venues are coming on board even as we speak, including the Hippo Bar and PJ O’Reilly’s in the city – see links for more.

Check out the links and give me a yodel if you’d like a chat.


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For enquiries about my involvement with Red Cross, please contact Belinda Barnier, Marketing & Communications Manager, Red Cross House, +61-2-6234-7614

Friday, 6 February 2009

Jack's first video

Well here it is. I found a karaoke version of the song online to use as my backing track, then I recorded it at home, then sang it all over Austin. Had to mime it much of the time otherwise I would never have been heard (the scene at the Austin capitol building there was a preacher with a megaphone, so I could barely hear myself think, let alone sing...

I wanted to get a shot of myself on a bus, but chickened out.

ISWYG Day starts to go viral in Australia

It's been a slow but determined start for International Sing Wherever You Go Day in Australia.

With a handful of members, the event rated a small mention in the nation's capital's daily broadsheet newspaper, The Canberra Times, on Thursday 5 February 2009:

Groan! There was a better version in my Picasa site but it looks like there's been some corruption there and a couple of my albums have been cross-polinating. Sigh!

Anyhoo, the Canberra Musicians Club are now planning an event on the actual day to coincide with our weekly performance night at the Hippo Bar in Canberra City. Check out the events listing for details. I'm not expecting everyone to jump on planes and head over here, but I'm sure you'll be with us in spirit, especially since some of you will only be starting your tuneful days as we're crooning our way towards a singalong-a-lot end.

Radio interviews coming in the next week or so and hopefully some more media attention around Australia.

'Lift up your voices!'


Bill Quinn
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